A Graceful Uprising

$14.99 $13.49 AuthorJonathan Jones II

How Grace Changes Everything


The gospel of Christ—the good news proclaimed in the New Testament—announces the reign of a new king who rules from his throne in heaven. This kingdom supersedes every political regime; it is a universal kingdom realized within the heart of every believer. King Jesus offers the only cure for man’s deepest need, for the kingdom of Christ is a government of grace.

Every generation of God’s people needs to rediscover the riches of this grace for themselves. Grace can create a radical change within our hearts, transforming the way we live, work, and worship. Grace certainly has much to do with salvation, but grace is not limited to the beginning of the Christian life. Grace is the lifeblood of the church, the unseen fuel for faithfulness.

A Graceful Uprising takes a closer look at the book of Romans, one of the greatest treasure troves of grace in the New Testament. The book of Romans is the Emancipation Proclamation of the church—a document that describes the profound freedom enjoyed by the body of Christ. By tracing the scarlet thread of grace through Paul’s monumental work, Jonathan Jones invites the church to rediscover the riches of grace once more.

In sixteen text-centered chapters, Jonathan paints an enthralling portrait of a God who grants freedom and pardon through the priceless sacrifice of his Son. A Graceful Uprising can restore the heart of every Christian and refresh the spirit of the church herself.


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