"Then Cometh the End"

$20.00 $18.00 SeriesSpiritual Sword Lectureship
AuthorJim Laws
ISBN1886220050; SSL1999

24th Spiritual Sword Lectureship 1999


In 1999, as the change of century approached, mankind was beset with worry and questions about what would happen with the end of the 20thcentury. In response, the Getwell Church of Christ chose the theme Then Cometh the End for the lectureship. Man needs to know what happens in the end—the end of his life, the end of time, etc.

Twenty-six chapters are divided into these sections:

  • God, Man, and the Millennium
  • Heaven, Hell, and the Millennium
  • The Kingdom, the Church, and the Millennium
  • Jesus and the New Millennium
  • Perverted Passages and the New Millennium
  • Book Reviews, Religious Issues, and the New Millennium


480 pgs.