Ministering Obedience to Christ-Studies in 2 Corinthians

$12.95 $11.66 SeriesFlorida College Lectureship
AuthorMelvin Curry

38th Florida College Lectures


From the dust jacket:

If you are looking for a series of studies that expose the heart of Paul and go straight to the root of what a Christian's life is all about, thenMinistering Obedience to Christ isa book for you. The emo­tional exhortations of Second Corinthians are quite different from the logical argumentation of Romans. Here Paul provides practical insights both to Christians and to congregations about matters that range from "Spiritual Comfort" to "Merchandising the Church."

Unquestionably, Second Corinthians is a neglected book. We ex­tend, therefore, our appreciation to those who wrote these lectures for preparing the way for our own independent study of this magnif­icent letter. And, as we read the book they have produced, we will be thrilled by the majestic description of "Triumph in Christ," deeply touched by the plea to "Penitent Christians," humbled by the study of Paul's thorn in the flesh, and filled with awe by the striking de­scription of God's "Divine Jealousy." Indeed, there are many excel­lent expositions of scripture in this volume.

The "ministry" discussed in this book not only includes the work of apostles and preachers of the first century but also embraces many ordinary aspects of the Christian's life of service. For example, the "ministry" of giving comfort to the down trodden and broken hearted is included in the term. ThusMinistering Obedience to Christis a book for everyone.

I hope you will enjoy your study of Second Corinthians and, es­pecially, the help this book provides. The writers have undertaken a labor of love so that those who attended the Lectureship might be able to take the gist of the speeches home with them, and so that others who could not attend might benefit by reading what they have written.

195 pgs.