Centers of Faith and Faltering

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AuthorJames Cope

31st Florida College Lectures


From the dust jacket:

Many cities and provinces mentioned in the New Testament were pivotal centers for the early spread of the gospel. In these cities the gospel experienced both many triumphs and setbacks. Jerusalem and Antioch, on the one hand, were cities where faith abounded among Christians and from which tne gospel pushed out to the ends of the earth. Corinth and Ephesus, on the other hand, presented the disciples of Jesus with serious threats to faith and morals because of the encroachment of Judaism and paganism, and in these cities the faith of many Christians floundered and their steps faltered. Thus, in these cities we today can see how the apostles of Christ took advantage of their opportunity to evangelize the world and to stem the resurgent tide of intellectual and moral infidelity.

The aim of this year's lectureship is to look more closely into the cultural, social, and moral impact of these New Testament geographical centers than has been done in any previous Florida Coll­ege lectureship. We believe that such a study will be helpful to those who use this volume.

Although first century Christians in many ways won the world to Christ, yet far too many Christians were in turn won by the world. Because Christians of the twentieth century are confronted with the same challenges their forefathers faced, the metropolitan areas of this century become our centers of faith and faltering.


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