Championing Christ: Called Unto Conviction

$5.00 SeriesChrist-Centered Living

30th Southwest Lectureship 2011


How certain are we that we should be Christians? OR that the Bible is truly God’s Word? Such weighty questions must be answered intelligently and carefully. Filled with practical, insightful lessons,Championing Christ: Called Unto Conviction is a guide for all seeking to know God and serve Him boldly. Within these lessons you will find instruction and encouragement regarding:

  • ·        The Existence of God
  • ·        How We Got the Bible
  • ·        Establishing Youth and new converts in the Christian faith
  • ·        Answering those skeptical of Christianity and its claims
  • ·        The church and denominations


Championing Christ; Called Unto Conviction contains two quarters of material for use in a standard Bible class curriculum. With clear, concise lessons and though, provoking questions, this material is suitable for classes ranging from middle-school to adult. In addition, this book is ideal for personal or family Bible studies and devotions.

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