Straight to the Cross

$11.95 $10.76 AuthorJ. Randal Matheny, ed.

Spiritual Directions for Christians


From the back cover:  We invite you on a journey. Straight to the Cross and back again. A trip more regular, more constant, more bracing, that the one you make daily to work and back, to school and back, to the kitchen table and back. This book reminds you of the One you should never forget, of the Place you should always return to. "Christ crucified” is perhaps the shortest summary of the gospel. The cross symbolizes its essence. Calvary represents the coordinates where God focused his energies to obliterate the opposition and establish the rally point for his people. Ten writers apply their skills to spiritual directions for the Christian. Every direction, every foray, is tied to Golgotha. From the death of Christ and the faithfulness of God, theme after theme thrills us with the richness of grace and the robust faith we share. Straight to the Cross. The trip of a lifetime.

143 pgs.