Lessons on the Home

$14.00 $12.60 SeriesEast Tenness School of Preaching Lectureship
AuthorCharles Brown, ed.

27th East Tennessee School of Preaching Lectureship



America’s homes are being destroyed from the inside out. Wives have no respect for their husbands; husbands fail to be leaders. Children are not taught obedience or respect for any authority. Often, a "home” is established with only one parent. These are not the ways God wants our homes to be. 

Lessons on the Home from the East Tennessee School of Preaching Lectureship examines about 40 different lessons on the home. It discusses the roles each member is to play, preparation for marriage, loving God and one another in marriage. Several chapters cover special topics like grief, caring for elderly parents, mental health, money management, and more. Five chapters from/for ladies are included.


483 pgs.
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