Genesis 23-50

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Commentaries By Members of the Church of Christ


With this volume, Dr. Bill Grasham completes his comprehensive study of Genesis. Through the latter half of this book of beginnings, he moves from the close of the life of Abraham to the narratives about Isaac and Jacob. Then he gives an excellent verse-by-verse study of the life of Joseph, which illustrates that God is always behind the scenes, working out His providential plans according to His purposes.

The key feature in the history of God's called people in the Book of Genesis is their relationship with Him. God's dealings with His people reveal His divine nature: His righteousness and wrath, provision and punishment, and faithfulness to every promise. This is the one true God who deserves the central role in the life of every person today. Anyone who takes a careful look at Him through the narratives along with brother Grasham will come to know God better. The applications contain various illustrations and sermons to enhance the lessons of those who preach and teach.

658 pages