When I Study the Psalms: Enlarging My Faith-Eliminating My Fears

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From the foreword:
The Psalms are needed. This is obvious to any Bible-believer simply because they are a part of the sacred book. Man is a rational and an emotional being. Some people, in the name of religion, put the emotional ahead of the rational, and this is an error. However, when rationality dictates the belief of a person in God, Christ, and the Bible, there are still emotions to be grappled with and handled. What faithful child of God who has been a faithful child of God for some time does not know of the struggles of faith, the struggles with enemies, and even the struggles over personal feelings toward those enemies that the book of Psalms addresses? God, who made the heart, mind, soul, and strength of man, gave us this book to help us deal appropriately and constructively with such emotional struggles.

This is the first of a five-year plan to cover the entire book of Psalms in-depth. The subtheme is "Enlarging My Faith-Eliminating My Fears." The book includes an introduction to the Psalms and covers the following chapters: 58, 27, 3, 112, 57, 33, 63, 19, 60, 52, 56, 55, 94, 9, 46, 67, 121, 91, 62, 80, 17, 37, 64, 59, 145, 49, 140, 71, and 139.

364 pgs.