Inside Out

$8.80 $7.92 AuthorCarl McMurray

Building one's faith into a mountain of service

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Inside Out is a workbook for those who definitely see the need for maturing and growing up in the Spirit fed path, but want it broken down into bite size pieces. In these lessons one can find the motivation to grow and the direction to set one’s compass. The author believes firmly that to be a servant of the Most High is indeed one’s highest calling and achievement. If we then learn how to become faithful servants we cannot help but to mature into the image of His glorious Son.

Lessons include: A Directed Spirit, A Confident Spirit, A Fiery Spirit, A Prayerful Spirit, A Committed Spirit, A Sharing Spirit, An Encouraging Spirit, A Loving Spirit, A Steadfast Spirit, A Unified Spirit, A Thankful Spirit

132 pages
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