Marriage Is For Those Who Love God -- and One Another

$10.95 $9.86 AuthorThomas B. Warren

Understanding and Elevating Marriage as God Designed It

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This book uses the Bible as the authoritative source of the right answer to every aspect of the husband-wife relationship. It recognizes the spiritual side of marriage to be basic to every other aspect. It recognizes the vital place which the physical relationship has in a successful marriage and shows what the Bible teaches about this important matter.


Some questions discussed in this book are: Why do so many marriages end in divorce? What is the fundamental purpose of marriage? What should young people know before they marry? What does the Bible say about sexual problems? How should parents train children for marriage: What are the ingredients of a successful marriage?

This book can be used as a gift to any teenager, or to any person contemplating marriage, or as a gift to any married couple. Its a good study guide in any ladies' or men's Bible class, or for any teenage, young adult, or adult Bible class. This book should be placed in church or public libraries.

144 pgs.