Beyond the Masquerade

$11.99 AuthorNancy Eichman

Being genuine in an artificial world


In our world of designer knockoffs, imitation leather and artificial sweeteners, we discover that people can be artificial, too. We play one another in the game of life. We lack sincerity and depth and wear plastic smiles. We don't say what we mean and don't mean we say.

But there is hope: " found in Christ" (Colossians 2:17). We do not have to be the people-pleasing, mask-wearing women we see so often in the world. We can be transformed into genuine women of God by modeling our lives after the truly authentic One: Jesus Christ.

In this book, Nancy Eichman presents the attitudes and habits we should drop and those we should adopt in order to be more authentic-to be more like Christ. So leave your mask at the door and join Nancy for a refreshing look at what your life can be when you learn to live Beyond the Masquerade.

126 pages
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