Hearts on Fire

$12.99 AuthorDon Humphrey

A strategy for dynamic evangelism


This book is for those who believe God wants His church to grow and who believe that the church today can be as exciting as the church of the first century.

It is for the Christian who wants more than anything else in the world to be a soul winner.

It is for those who hurt because they people who are lost.

It is for those who are concerned because they aren't doing anything to save the lost.

It is for those who want to see people coming to Christ every day of the week.

It is especially for those who want to be a part of a growing, exciting church and who will settle for nothing less regardless of the cost!

It is for the church leader who wants to develop Christians who talk, eat, dream, and do soul winning.

This book is written for Christians who want to win the world for Christ.

Organized into five sections covering:
* Reclaiming Evangelism
* The Biblical Basis of Evangelism
* The Willingness to be Changed
* Marketing the Church
* Decisive Commitment

Each of the ten chapters in the book contains discussion starters for use in a classroom setting.

145 pages

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