The Unknown Prophets

$9.00 AuthorJason K. Hart

Applications from the often neglected prophets of the Bible

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The Bible is overflowing with an abundance of stories and characters, many of which have been neglected in our studies of the Scriptures. Studies abound in virtually every aspect of the lives and times of famous Bible characters, leaving the overshadowed stories and characters ignored. These lessons can offer much more than many ever come to realize. Excellence can also be found in the small, seemingly unimportant characters of Bible history. For this reason The Unknown Series seeks to illuminate the often overlooked stories and characters of the Old Testament.

Whether you are a preacher searching for sermon ideas, a Bible teacher researching history, or simply an individual who desires an increased knowledge of the Bible’s timeless truths, The Unknown Series will offer a study that is profitable for all (2 Tim. 3:16, 17).

The Unknown Prophets, the first installment of this series, will discover the often neglected, yet very amazing men and women who boldly proclaim the word of God.

149 pages

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