Sons of Dust

$12.99 $11.69 AuthorChris Clevenger

The Roots of Biblical Manliness


Masculinity has been misrepresented in contemporary society. Men have become associate with either of two camps, one which is too similar to femininity to be complementary and another that is a caricature which casts modern men as neolithic knuckle-draggers in a primetime sitcom.

Millions of modern men need a rallying point, a deep understanding of the masculine spirit capable of transforming our cultural concept of masculinity.

In Sons of Dust: The Roots of Biblical Manliness, Chris Clevenger guides men through the second chapter of Genesis, highlighting concepts that develop and enrich the masculine spirit. By guiding men through the account of the Garden of Eden, Chris invites men to cultivate the character that God himself instilled in Adam and, by developing such a character, live up to their potential as Sons of Dust.

126 pages


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