A Bible Handbook Plus Biblical Inerrancy

$10.00 AuthorJerry Moffitt

Two volumes in one!

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A Bible Handbook: Based on the premise that the Bible is the sole authority in religious matters, various sound men in the churches of Christ wrote this handbook to help Bible students more fully understand the Word.

Section one - Items on the Bible:

There is Only One Book – inspiration, authority, all-sufficiency, etc.
Hints on Reading the Bible – reading schedule, 100 important Scriptures, 100 chapters to know, etc.
Modern Speech Versions – NIV, CEV, The Message, etc.

Section two - Ready Scripture references on Doctrine contains 35 chapters including 12 on denominational doctrines. Other topics include Faith Only, The Sabbath, Old Testament Salvation, The Godhead, etc.

Section three - Helpful Essays Before You Study Your Bible:

Outline of Bible History
Divided Kingdom
Jewish Sects
Biographical Sketches
Notes on Foreign Rulers Mentioned in the Bible
Nations Mentioned in the Bible
Dictionary of Some Common Bible Names
Some Short Explanations of Words

Section four – Brief Summaries of the Books of the Bible with Helpful Data

Section five – Drill questions and more drill!

Section six – appendices:
Vital Charts
Some weights and measures

438 pgs.

Biblical Inerrancy: This is the book from the first annual Gulf Coast Lectures. It answers questions like Who wrote the Bible? Who Decided Which Books of the Old Testament Belong in the Bible? and Did Gospel Writers Use Sources? Proofs of the Bible from science and prophecy are discussed. "Lost books,” disagreement of biblical manuscripts, and authorship of the Pentateuch are explored. Nineteen chapters of excellent material.

252 pgs.