Gleanings from the Book of Acts

$7.50 AuthorMaxie Boren

34th Ft. Worth lectureship 2011

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This comb-bound book contains detailed outlines of 22 lessons from the Book of Acts.

Topics include:
Introduction to the Book of Acts
The Early Activities of Peter
There is But One True God
The Conversion of Saul
Learning from Lydia
We Must Obey God Rather Than Man
Stephen, the First Martyr
The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
The Gift of the Holy Spirit in Acts 2
Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior
What is a Christian?
Paul's First Preaching Journey
Doing the Lord's Work
The Worship of the Early Church
Paul's Second Preaching Journey
God's Word Must Be Our Guide
The Need for the Right Spirit in Dealing with Problems
The Preciousness of Fellowship
Philip the Evangelist
Paul's Third Preaching Journey
The Power of Christian Motherhood
Paul's Defense Before Agrippa

116 pages