Realistic View of Revelation

$14.95 $13.46 AuthorThomas H. Holland

The Key To Understanding Revelation Is In The Revelation


Revelation was not written to bewilder, but to bless the reader (Revelation 1:3).

Revelation was not written for the formation of religious cults, but to fortify God's people in withstanding the "beast" of false doctrines and the religions of cults.

Revelation was not written to promote theological materialism, but to protect God's redeemed from materialistic speculations and fanciful theories.

Revelation was not written to provide information for a type of "Protestant Zionism."

Revelation was written to urge the impenitent to repent and to assure God's people that they are destined to overcome in and by the Lord Jesus Christ all the Satanic forces of ungodly governments, the secularism of pagan cultures, and any and all false doctrines and religions.

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