Things Most Surely Believed

$9.99 $8.99 AuthorForrest D Moyer

Sixteen simple, powerful sermons


In these 16 brief sermons, Forrest Darrell Moyer has stated with beautiful clarity and simplicity, yet with compelling force, the Christian’s "reason for hope” that is in him. He deals with the greatest themes the race has ever known—God, Christ, the cross, sin and redemption, the church, heaven and hell—yet he does it in language that the man in the pew, unskilled in the intricacies of theological vocabularies, can easily grasp. These sermons partake of that same quality which characterized the initial preaching of the gospel by Christ himself, of whom it was said, "and the common people heard him gladly.”

Foreword by Doy Moyer. New Introduction by Jefferson David Tant.
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