Love for God and His Word

$17.95 $8.00 AuthorWinford Claiborne

52nd Freed-Hardeman College Lectureship 1988


From the introduction: The social gospel movement leans toward the position that motivation has little, if anything, to do with the good that is accomplished. But on what basis would we want to promote peace among men, prevent a nuclear war, stamp out pornography, sexual immorality, drug abuse, and family violence, if God does not exist and has not spoken to man? 

Our lessons during this lectureship get to the heart of the problems and evils which confront us. If we have not learned to love from God (1 John 4:19), then we cannot know what love for god or for our fellowmen mean. Our love for God leads us to love others. If we do not love others, we are kidding ourselves about loving god (1 John 4:7-21). Love for God and for others will drive us to seek the glory of God by seeking the welfare of our fellowmen. We cannot promote human welfare without opposing the evils while flourish among men. 

355 pages
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