Job: A Topical Study

$15.00 AuthorRick Brumback

25th Southwest Lectureship 2006


"There is perhaps no figure so iconic in western literature as Job, the suffering one. Represented and discussed on both sacred and profane literature, he has come to embody the concept of righteous suffering through no fault of one's own. A topic of commentary from the earliest era of the church, many have wrestled with the content of the book that bears this patriarch's name, yet come away without a full or even accurate appreciation of what he, and his family, suffered and how they coped. Further, many have been like Job's friends and come away with an inaccurate understanding of the themes of righteousness, suffering, and spiritual fidelity as present in this text.

In an effort to explore the grand themes of this great book, this lectureship has focused upon Job in the format of a topical commentary. It is not intended to provide a detailed analysis of each chapter and verse; rather, it is meant to address, as represented by the text in its movement from opening to close, the various motifs that arose within the framework of the suffering and reflection of Job and his family. This is not meant to be simply an academic pursuit, but rather an exposition to convey the eternal truths learned by the patriarch through this experience. Thus it can become for the modern reader and student a tremendously practical and empowering text. " (Rick Brumback)
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