Prayer and Providence

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A thorough discussion of prayer and providence

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Up until just a few months before his death in November 2000, Homer Hailey was still teaching and writing with a clarity and insight into Scripture rare among men of any age. A veteran teacher with 32 years in the college classroom, preacher with more than 65 years of local work including about 700 meetings in forty states, and the author of 16 books as well as scores of articles. His scholarship is wide­ly known. His knowledge of the Old Testament prophets, wisdom literature and the book of Revelation have made his writings in these areas stan­dard reference works.

In the foreword, Hailey's long-time associate Clinton Hamilton aptly describes him as "deeply devout, regularly prayerful, and genuinely convinced of the providence of God." This volume evidences his many patient years of study, combined with his rare ability to relate his findings to the day-to-day life of the Christian. Throughout his busy life, Hailey touched many lives as an example of a godly man who conveyed the gospel simply and directly.

The object of this book is to stimulate believers into investigating what the Bible says on the subjects of prayer and providence and to make this instruc­tion a vital part of their faith and practice. The words "prayer" and "providence" are heard daily in almost every human situation. Victims of natural disasters, crimes and catastrophic illness, people who have not made God part of their lives, tell of praying and believing in God’s providence .This providence presupposes the divine creation of the universe and God's government in and over that which He created.

This book helps the believer to understand that prayer is a sacred privilege as well as an obligation. With many references to Scripture, author Homer Hailey begins his discussion of prayer by analyzing man's need of it and divine instruc­tions about it. Hailey then discusses prayer for others, especially in times of trou­ble. For a better understanding of God's part in our communication with Him through prayer, the author discusses what the believer should expect from prayer and that there will be times when God says "no" or "wait." Hailey reassures the believer that God is able to answer the requests offered by His children. From the book of Revelation he concludes, "The Lord God, the Almighty, makes His glory to shine brilliantly upon His redeemed. Surely, such a wonderful, all-glorious and all-powerful God can answer the prayers of His saints!"

The world at large often associates providence with the miraculous. Hailey indicates that miracles are not under consideration in this study, and defines providence as, "The workings of God through His provision in the natural and spiritual realms.... Divine providence is a distinctive feature or attribute whereby the infinite God finds expression." After defining his topic, the author then considers providence in its relationship to evil and its part in the moral realm. Attention is given to God's control over the universe and Jesus' rule in natural and spiritual affairs. The final part of his study focuses on providence as it relates to the individual, as seen in the book of Ecclesiastes and in many parts of the New Testament. 

 224 pages
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