Moses: The Meekest Man in All the Land

$16.00 $14.40 AuthorWade Webster

18th Power Lectureship 2010


Moses’ life was full of situations we will never emulate: floating in a basket and being rescued by a princess; living in the palace of the king of the greatest nation on Earth; performing miracles; leading a nation of millions to a new land; and having a law from God named after us. However, we do have many things in common with him: insecurity, faith, job problems, frustration, and more. The 2010 POWER lectureship book, Moses: The Meekest Man in All the Land, introduces this man to us and teaches us how Moses’ life is an example for us.      

Following an overview of the life of Moses, 33 chapters discuss are devoted to a discussion of this friend of God. Lessons are broken down into these sections:


  • The Palace of Pharaoh
  • The Pasture of Jethro
  • The Passage of Jericho
  • The Pinnacle of Nebo (and Beyond)
  • Ladies’ Classes


544 pages

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