Proclaiming Christ: Called Unto Salvation

$5.00 SeriesSouthwest Church of Christ Lectureship
AuthorRick Brumback

29th Southwest Lectureship 2010


"Go ye into all the world" (Matt. 28:19). Not only are Christians called to personal faithfulness, but they are also to bring others to the knowledge of Christ. Filled with practical, insightful lessons, Proclaiming Christ: Called Unto Salvation is a guide for all seeking to live righteously and share the good news of Jesus with others. Within these lessons you will find instruction and encouragement regarding:

God's grand plan to save the lost
Ways to reach family and friends with the Gospel
How to become a Christian
Being an example to others
Coping with sin and guilt

Proclaiming Christ: Called Unto Salvation contains two quarters of material for use in a standard Bible class curriculum. With clear, concise lessons and thought-provoking questions, this material is suitable for classes ranging from middle-school to adult.

In addition, this book is ideal for personal or family Bible studies and devotions.

114 pg.
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