Prayer: The Voice of Faith

Prayer: The Voice of Faith
Spending Time with God Through Prayer
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AuthorCharles Hodge, Jr.
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As the one prized possession of Jesus Christ, the church must be a focal point of the Christian's life, message, and mission. In Book 2 of his series, Eddie Cloer draws attention to how Christ established the church and how the Scriptures define and describe it. By examining the illustrations provided by the Holy Spirit, we can come to a better understanding of God's design and intention for the New Testament church.

Prayer: The Voice of Faith addresses a deep need in the Christian life. In the unique style of Charles Hodge, this study wrestles with the challenges of spending time with God in prayer.

Each chapter features an introductory section for special meditation and soul-searching discussion in preparation for the study of the lesson. Hodge calls the reader to look to God as the one object of faith, to trust God and accept His answers to prayer—but not sitting down. He emphasizes the need for faith that acts.

Posing question after thought-provoking question, Hodge discusses the danger of prayer and the hindrances to prayer, as well as the power of prayer and the qualities of true prayer. He ventures into the mind and heart of Christ to glean from our Lord's example in prayer. He tackles questions about praying in the Spirit and intercession for brothers and sisters in Christ. He examines the great need for self-discipline in prayer, and, as always, he leads the reader to examine himself and his own relationship with God.

142 pg.

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