The Teaching of Jesus Christ on Divorce and Remarriage

$9.95 $8.96 AuthorWayne Jackson

A Critical Study of Matthew 19:9


Man did not live one day upon the Earth apart from the divine arrangement of the home. The home is the "glue" designed to provide cohesion to human culture. More than that even, marriage was ultimately intended to create the ideal domestic environment in which the Gospel of Christ would have its best opportunity for success. How very important it is, then, that the integrity of the home be defended and preserved.

In a time when marriage had deteriorated, even among Jehovah's people, the Hebrews, Jesus unequivocally declared His intention to restore the divine arrangement to its original design (see Matthew 19:4ff). Anyone who takes marriage lightly, flaunts the authority of the Son of God Himself.

One of the key Bible texts dealing with the theme of marriage and divorce is Matthew 19:9 (together with a companion text, Matthew 5: 32). In this booklet, the author discusses these texts (particularly the former) with meticulous detail.

Families need to study this material with sincerity and urgency. With so many radical theories abounding these days on this vital topic (even among Christians), this resource can provide a rich source of instruction.

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