Wallace/Hunt Debate

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Instrumental Music


Debate between G. K. Wallace and Julian Hunt on instrumental music held from April 24-27, 1951.

First Proposition:
Resolved, that a local congregation of the church of Christ may scripturally, reasonably, and consistently use a song book and tuning fork during the song service; install a microphone in the church building for the pur­pose of broadcasting the gospel in sermon, prayer and song; use a recording machine to make a recording of the worship service for the purpose of using the record later; use a collection basket in taking the offering; use a communion set in helping serve the Lord's Supper and use all other aids and helps in the same category in obey­ing God's commands .. . AND, in the course of this pro­cedure contend that a piano and other mechanical instru­ments of music, when used in connection with the sing­ing during the same service is sinful.
Affirmative-G. K. Wallace
Negative-Julian O. Hunt

Second Proposition:
Resolved, that according to the New Testament the infallibly safe side is for Christians to use mechanical in­struments of music in connection with praises offered to God.
Affirmative- Julian O. Hunt 
Negative- G. K. Wallace

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