The Bible and Mental Health

$14.95 $13.46 AuthorWayne Jackson

A Biblical Approach to Mental Health

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Is there any of us who has not been depressed on occasion? Whether the cause of this distress was our health, material circumstances, the loss of a loved one, or as a result of our impoverished spiritual state, we became quite unhappy. It has happened, and it will occur again.

For most people, this state of "blueness" will be temporary. Particularly is this the case if we are wise enough to consult the Owner's Manual given by the One who made us. Our Maker, of course, is Cod, and His Book for contented living is the Holy Bible. The Scriptures are the best source of human psychology upon this planet. It is truly tragic that they are so neglected as a guide for happiness.

In this volume, the author has directed attention to the Sacred Scriptures as the richest source of information for the soundness of the human spirit.

153 pages 
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