Jeremiah and Lamentations

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Studies in Jeremiah and Lamentations


Jeremiah is one of the more remarkable characters of the Bible. He might be characterized as a prophet of "tears and terror." At one moment his great heart throbs with anguish over the wickedness of his national kinsmen, and we behold him weeping. If tears could have washed away Judah's sins, surely his would have done so. At another time, we see him launching fiery rebukes at the Lord's wayward people for the vileness of their idolatry and the stubbornness of their calloused souls. He never holds back the horrors of judgment that await wayward Israel. And so, it was tears for their plight, and terror in their future. Such a responsibility can play havoc with a man's state of mind. This commentary focuses upon the great truths of this thrilling book. One of its values is a citation of the latest archaeological data which confirm the accuracy of this divine document.
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