Light Shining in Darkness

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Principles for the Philosophy and Practice of Missions


Since sharing the message of Christ with the world is the reason for the church being left in this alien place, it seems obvious that one of the primary studies in our Bible classes should deal with this work.  Brother Johnny Duke has prepared Light Shining in Darkness as a suitable class book.  Written in outline form, with "Questions for Reflection" at the end of each chapter, a wide range of material is ably covered.  He begins with the biblical basis for missions, in both the Old and New Testaments, then discusses the evangelism of the first century church.  An excellent history of missions is presented in the next several lessons, followed by practical application for today's world.  Selecting, supporting, training and sending the missionary are studied at length.  He concludes with the question, "What Is the Cost of World Evangelism in Our Generation?"  The church would do well to seriously consider brother Duke's question, and then follow it with another: "What is the cost of not doing world evangelism in our generation?"

122 pages
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