Complete Survey of the Old Testament

AuthorKenneth Davis

Four books series covering the Old Testament

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This series is designed to give the Bible student a complete, overall view of the Old Testament. It is based upon a simple fourteen point outline that relates the major happenings in such as way that they are easily remembered. It makes a practical application for all the Christian of toady by using discussion questions that call forth a response from the student.

Volume 1 covers the first three major points of the outline: The Creation, The Flood, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. These accounts are all in the book of Genesis.

Volume 2 surveys the next four major points of the outline: Israel in Bondage, Exodus from Egypt, Ten Commandments Given, Wilderness Wanderings

Volume 3 surveys the Israelites' history in the Conquest of Canaan, The Judges, The United Kingdom, The Divided Kingdom.

Volume 4 deals with the final aspects of Old Testament history in that it surveys the Exile of the children of Israel, The Return from Exile and has a lesson devoted to The Silent Centuries, which is the period between the Old and New Testaments.

Thirteen lessons in each book makes this an ideal option for a year long survey in any adult Bible class.