Complete Survey of the New Testament

AuthorKenneth Davis

Four books series covering the New Testament

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This series seeks to summarize the New Testament in three major points: The Life of Christ, The Beginning and Growth of the Church, and Encouragement to Christians.

Volume 1 - The Life of Christ. This volume seeks to give a panoramic view of the life of Christ. Using the four gospels and covering the range of Jesus' activities, teachings and miracles, it seeks to point out the main events in the life of Christ and also direct the student in such a way as to encourage further study in the life of Christ.

Volume 2 - The Beginning and Growth of the Church. Using the Book of Acts, a summary is given of the establishment and growth of the church. The first part deals with the spread of the gospel in and around Jerusalem and the second part tells of the spread of the gospel into all the world. The life of Paul is given special emphasis in chapters 13-28 of the book of Acts.

Volume 3 - Encouragement to Christians. The books of Romans-Revelation are written for the purpose of encouraging Christians to remain faithful to their commitment. Volume 3 covers the books of Romans-2 Thessalonians, giving the purpose of each book, interesting facts regarding it and selected verses from it that bring out the main points of the book.

Volume 4 - Encouragement to Christians. The books of 1 Timothy-Revelation are covered in this volume. Again the emphasis is on encouragement to those undergoing persecution, those who for various reasons were doubting the Christ who purchased them with His blood. The study closes with the great book of Revelation and its message of victory for the faithful.