The Three Worlds of Eternity

$8.95 $8.06 AuthorGregory L. Swango

The Hadean world and after death


So many questions and theories about what happens to the soul after physical death. Follow along as Swango leads you on the journey of discoveries of the whats... wheres.... and whens... of just what is to come. Many of your questions concerning heaven, hell, judgment and resurrection from the dead will be answered directly form the holy scriptures.

Where does the soul go?
Is the book of Revelation about the end of the world?
How does Matthew 24 fit it?

Presented in a 13 lesson format with ample discussion questions, this material is perfect for private or public study. May you be encouraged to prepare for the two future worlds of eternity by living faithfully in this one!

Version alert: NASB

172 pages
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