$7.95 $7.16 AuthorBob Murray

Its True Nature


Homosexuality is a controversial topic in our society. Discussion involving homosexuality often stirs very strong emotions. But what was once considered unspeakable is quickly becoming a widely accepted way of life.

Why? Many people are blind to the true nature of homosexuality. Some are unaware of its sinful and destructive nature, while others blatantly disregard the moral standards God has set forth in the Bible.

While many believe it is only kind to accept homosexuality, nothing could be farther from the truth. The church cannot remain silent; rather we must diligently learn and compassionately teach the biblical truth about homosexuality.

Bob Murray tactfully exposes the current false teachings concerning homosexuality and upholds the word of God as the guide for truth. Each chapter contains a wealth of helpful information, contrasting the worldly view of homosexuality with the truth and the hope found in God's way. This book is beneficial for anyone currently struggling with homosexuality or for those who desire to arm themselves with truth and godly concern.

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