What's It Worth?

$7.99 $7.19 AuthorMargaret Long Ragland

Probing Our Values with Questions Jesus Asked


"In a time which our dollar is being devaluated in the money market, maybe we need to devaluate its importance in our minds. Maybe we need to do some devaluating and some re-evaluating. Maybe we need to examine ourselves and ask ourselves some questions:
  • Just what are my values, and how do my actions show them?
  • What do my children, my husband and my friends see in me that shows what I consider valuable?
  • What value do they see me place on material things?
  • Can they tell by my example that God is important in my day to day living?
  • Do they see in me a peace of the presence of Jesus?
  • Do they see me as seeking approval from peers or from God?
  • Do they see me as a minister of love?
  • Do I inspire my children to right living by my own life?”
These 13 chapters explore our values with some of Jesus’ most probing and thought-provoking questions. Find out what is truly worthwhile in life with this inspirational study. Important reading for individual Christians or for class study.

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