Heralds of Christian Unity

$8.00 AuthorThomas Hagger

The Restoration Movement in Australia


These biographical sketches appeared in The Australian Christian almost seventy five years ago. The articles were published in book form in 1938. The author, Thomas Hagger, wrote down interesting and important material as he honored these noble pioneers of the Restoration Movement in Australia. He knew well both the men and the movement. He preached the faith and promoted the union of Christians. Hence the title, Heralds of Christian Unity. 

The chapters in the book include sketches on:
 Campbell, Thomas
 Campbell, Alexander
 Stone, Barton Warren
 Scott, Walter
 Smith, John
 Franklin, Benjamin
 Davies Family and the Church at Cam-yr-Alyn
 Coop, Timothy
 Wallis, James
 King, David
 Rotherham, Joseph Bryant
 Earl, Henry Samuel
 Gore, Thomas Jefferson
 Carr, Oliver Anderson
 Moysey, George Bickford
 Cheek, Stephen
 Ewers, David Amos
 Maston, Aaron Burr
 The Plea of Churches of Christreprint 

144 pg
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