The Voice of the Pioneers

The Voice of the Pioneers
On Societies and Instruments of Music in Worship
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AuthorJohn T. Lewis
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A review:

"The following pages contain an answer to the challenge made by the secretary of the Tennessee Christian Missionary Society, sent forth to "our conservative brethren.” This issue is clearly stated and the matter plainly put. With absolute accuracy brother John T. Lewis has gleaned the writings of the pioneers of the Reformation and has presented what they had to say on the questions of missionary work and instrumental music in worship... I most earnestly hope that every Christian, and especially every preacher of the Gospel of Christ, may carefully read and thoroughly digest the matter herein found. The truth demands that they be silenced along that line. The reading of this book will convince any honest soul that for a number of years after the great Reformation was begun the pioneers were a unit in opposing missionary societies and mechanical music in worship of God.”

N.B. Hardeman
President of Freed-Hardeman University 1925-50

184 pgs.
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