The Reality of God

$8.00 $7.20 AuthorE. H. Ijams

God Is!


The Reality of God is a reprint of a scholarly and inspiring study of the evidences for the existence of God. The first chapter presents the concept of "Humanity's Changeless Friend." The second section of the book covers "Facts, Axioms, Inferences that Imply Deity"; "The Importance of Being Persons"; "A Planet Uniquely Favorable for Living Things"; "The Universe and a Question"; "A Great Dynamic"; "Without Mind, Yet Strikingly Clever"; "Nonconscious Wisdom and Benefactions"; "Unlearned Knowledge and Skills" and "The Greatness and Mystery of Nature." A third section explores Special Evidences of God, looking at the Bible and Christ. A rich study by an esteemed brother.
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