The Man and the Moment

$7.00 AuthorJohn Allen Hudson

A Study in the Life of Alexander Campbell


To a great degree the "man and the moment” for beginning a thoroughgoing restoration of Christianity met in Alexander Campbell. This is true because the prime years of his lifetime happened to be during the early years of the American republic. Before this time in history those who tried to restore the church were questioned, tortured, killed, humiliated or exiled. New freedoms of America, however, provided the right opportunity to search for and to set in motion a comprehensive plan from Scripture for restoring the New Testament church.

This young immigrant, barely 21 years old, extraordinarily prepared, talented and spiritually minded, was able to help others, who had already begun this restoration effort, to design a unified Christian system that was not based on the state-church concept nor on the denominational model. His ability to interpret Scripture and defend Christianity cut across the muscle of denominational and national-church systems.

The book covers Campbell as one who answered when opportunity knocked. It shows how he excelled as a preacher, defender of the faith, educator, author, and editor.

Campbell’s famous "Sermon on the Law” is included in the book on pages 105-148.

148 pgs.
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