Meet My Friend David

$9.99 $8.99 AuthorJane McWhorter

Learning from the highs and lows of David’s life


"Meet My Friend David,” says author Jane McWhorter. "I think you’ll enjoy knowing him better.” This delightful book is a study of the life of one of God’s most beloved inspired writers. Jane helps the reader to make David step out of the pages of the Scriptures and truly seem alive. "There were a lot of high points, or mountain peaks, in the life of David. These are the things we usually think about when we mention his name. There were also many little, uneventful often unnoticed happenings which truly tell us what David was really like.” Meet My Friend Davidnot only views the mountain peaks of this king’s life, but also zooms in for a closer look at some of the valleys with their seldom noticed events. Once again, Jane McWhorter has produced an excellent study book, ideal for individual or Bible class use. 

99 pages 
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