Churches of Today

$8.00 AuthorL.G. Tomlinson

In the Light of Scripture


The Bible is the source for religious doctrine. Any doctrine that disagrees with the Bible cannot be right. Honest hearts must compare such doctrine with the Bible to see "whether those things were so.” That is the thrust of Churches of Today.

The book is divided into sections. Section One is titled The Great Salvation. Tomlinson contrasts the Old Law with the New Way. In Section Two, "Denominational Teachings and Practices In Light of Scripture,” he lays out the doctrine of several denominations (Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Mormon, Presbyterian, Baptist, Christian Scientist, and more) and opens up Scripture to refute the error. Section Three is "The Restoration Movement in the Light of Scripture.” Section Four covers "Biblical Teachings” like marriage, divorce, withdrawal of fellowship, and many more.

183 pages

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