Junior 5--3 Spring (5th grade)

SeriesNew Living Bible Lessons

The Kings of Israel

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Chronicles the 200-year period when more than 19 different kings (none of whom were righteous) ruled Israel, stories on Elijah and Elisha.

Teacher Manual: Includes an overview of the book, useful teaching tips, and 13 Bible lessons. Divides the class into easy-to-manage intervals. Order one Teacher Manual for each teacher of the class.

Student Workbook: Includes attendance chart, memory verses, 13 Bible lessons, and age-appropriate learning activities that reinforce key ideas from the lesson. Order one Student Workbook for each student in the class.

Visual Aid: Provides pictures, posters, figures, charts, and maps to illustrate each lesson. Complete instructions for using are given in teacher manual. Order one Visual Aid per class.

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