Pictorial Guide to the Bible

$11.99 $10.79 SeriesKregel Pictorial Guides
AuthorTim Dowley

An illustrated guide to God's Word


Packed with twenty-nine informative sections of information and interesting facts and explanations, The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Bible introduces the Biblical world to students, youth groups, and beginning Christians. One of the foremost authorities on the Bible’s landscape and people has assembled an array of paintings, maps, charts, and photographs through which the Bible comes to life. Included are:


  • Timelines interrelating the events and the lives of key people
  • Illustrations of dress at every level of society
  • Cutaway depictions of the temple, a synagogue, and a dwelling
  • Calendars showing the year’s seasons, crops, and festivals,
  • Notes on the land known by the Patriarchs, the kings, and Jesus
  • An overview of the Bible’s construction and organization





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