Buddy Davis's Sculpt-a-Saur

$12.97 $11.67 AuthorBuddy Davis

Buddy Davis Dino Sculpting Pack


Buddy Davis, one of the foremost sculptors of dinosaurs in the world, and a popular member of the Answers in Genesis team, has crafted a fun and educational kit for young "paleontologists"! Kids form the lay around the plaster skull, add an eye, and use tools for creating dino skin, and presto, a realistic rendering of a dinosaur. The kit includes two books:

Dino Coloring & Activity Book:This fun, forty-six page book includes activity and coloring pages,and instructions on how to draw a life-size dinosaur in chalk on your driveway or church parking lot. A great VBS activity!

Dino Sculpting Book: Buddy gives facts and commentary about the various dinosaurs found to date and places the whole subject in the context of Bible history! This full-color book gives detailed instructions for bringing your dinosaur to life. Learn how Buddy sculpted the dinosaurs for the Creation Museum and how to make your own model of a velociraptor head!

Age Level 7-12
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