Know Your Bible

$24.95 $22.46 AuthorFrank Dunn

An analysis of every book in the Bible


Know Your Bible is a one-volume study guide that includes an analysis and summary of every book in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. Each summary includes key words, verses, phrases, and chapters crucial to understanding the meaning of the book. In addition, each summary includes sections on the subject, appeal, and background of the book, with paragraphs devoted to the main theme, author and date, main divisions, and other important information. Dunn expounds on enduring messages and lessons we can learn from each book. Some analyses include expanded outlines.

  • The One Book of the One God
  • The Bible's Message
  • Why Know Your Bible
  • Preface
  • 1. Introduction to the Study of the Old Testament
  • 2. The Pentateuch
  • 3. The Five Books of the Law
  • 4. The Twelve Books of History
  • 5. Getting to Know the Books of the Old Testament
  • 6.- 27. Analysis of Books from Genesis-Song of Solomon
  • 28. Introduction to the Books of Prophecy
  • 29.- 45. Analysis of Books from Isaiah-Malachi
  • Know Your Bible: New Testament
  • 46. What Is the Bible?
  • 47. The Fourfold Gospel
  • 48.- 52. Analysis of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and Acts
  • 53. Introduction to the New Testament Epistles
  • 54.- 75. Analysis of Books from Romans-Revelation

 649 pages hardback