The Bible in English

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How It Came To Be


When any book is translated into three languages it is considered an accomplishment. On rare occasions a book is translated into 10 languages; that’s considered quite amazing. The Bible is available in full in nearly 300 languages and, in part, in more than 2,000 languages! No other book comes close!

The Bible in English provides in-depth yet simple answers:

·Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls important?
·What does canon mean?
·What should we know about the Septuagint?
·Is a "version” the same as a "translation”?
·What is the Talmud?
·Which is the perfect Bible translation?

Are you curious about Bible languages, writing materials, and manuscripts of ancient times? Can you believe that the Old Testament was written over a period of 1100 years, the new Testament in 56 years? Open The Bible in English and be prepared to  even more amazed at the book described: your own Holy Bible.

191 pg \s.
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