Christian Evidences Correspondence Course - Advanced

$4.00 $4.00 ISBNAP7013

Third set in the evidences series


This course picks up where the Introductory and Intermediate courses left off. It covers some topics in more detail than the first two and raises some new concepts as well. Each lesson stands on its own, and contains written exercises on a perforated sheet so that students may hand (or mail) them in for grading. The 10 lessons in the series include discussions on:

 1. Origins: Random Chance or Intelligent Design?
 2. Genesis 1-11: Mythical or Historical?
 3. Man's Sin and the Global Flood
 4. The Geologic Timetable and the Age of the Earth
 5. Dinosaurs, Science, and the Bible
 6. The Origin of Human "Races" and Blood Groups
 7. Christian Ethics and Human Cloning
 8. The Inherent Value of Human Life
 9. Will Those Who have Never Heard the Gospel be Lost?
 10. Does God Hear the Prayer of an Alien Sinner?