Christian Evidences Correspondence Course - Introductory

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First set in the evidences series


This set was written using a common, everyday vocabulary that is especially appealing to young people of junior or senior high ages, as well as those who are incarcerated. Each lesson stands on its own, and contains written exercises on a perforated sheet so that students may hand (or mail) them in for grading. The 10 lessons in the series include discussions on:

 1. The Many Faces and Causes of Unbelief
 2. The Existence of God—Cause and Effect
 3. The Existence of God—Design
 4. The Existence of God—Morality
 5. Creation vs. Evolution [Part I]
 6. Creation vs. Evolution [Part II]
 7. A General Introduction to the Bible
 8. The Inspiration of the Bible
 9. What Does God Expect of Me?
 10. The Church