Is the Bible God's Word

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Proving the inspiration of the Bible


In a world of shifting values, uncertain standards, and rampant skepticism, the message of the Bible has remained unchanged for millennia. But the Bible has not been without its enemies. Can those who believe the Bible ably defend it against the incessant attacks of modern-day critics?
Does the Bible contain prophecies that came true hundreds of years after they were spoken? How does the Bible’s authenticity compare to that of other ancient books? Is there proof that the Bible is accurate? Can the Christian really provide evidence that the Bible is God’s Word? What makes the Bible different from other books that claim to be inspired?
Aside from proving the existence of God and the deity of Christ, nothing is more fundamental for a Christian to be able to prove than the divine inspiration of the Bible.
The sixty-six books of the Bible are the most impressive, awe-inspiring works of literature ever penned. Behold! The Word of God presents a well-documented, persuasive case for the accuracy, authenticity, and inspiration of the Bible. The honest reader will be compelled to conclude that "all Scripture is given by the inspiration of God.”
222 pages
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