Wonders of God's Creation

$10.95 $9.86 AuthorEric Lyons

"Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God” (Job 37:14).


According to the General Theory of Evolution, over billions of years of mindless, aimless evolution, the Earth became filled with a variety of amazing, wonderfully designed animals. Some life forms "just happened” to evolve the ability to breathe oxygen, while others "just happened” to develop the ability to live in the seas and extract oxygen from water. Some life forms "just happened” to evolve the ability to walk up and down vertical walls, while others "just happened” to evolve the ability to fly thousands of miles through the air.

Reason, common sense, and true science demand a better explanation. Random chances and mindlessness could never bring about the navigation system of a bar-tailed godwit or the camouflage abilities of a cuttlefish. Complex design (like that found throughout the Animal Kingdom) demands an intelligent Designer. The superbly designed animals all around us call for a Creator.

In truth, the beauty, splendor, and design of God’s amazing animals should drive us closer to the Creator. These "fingerprints” of God should make us stand in awe of Him. They should send us to our knees in worship to Him. And, they should compel us to tell others about Him.

92 pgs.

(Written on a middle school grade level; 5th-8th grades)
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